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Linda Quinones Husband: Neal Quinones Degree: BS in Sociology

Linda Quinones, Owner of SeekingSitters Washington D.C. and Montgomery County, MD

Babysitter's Mom becomes Franchisee!

Linda Quinones is the proud mother of four adult children. Family has always been very important to Linda, including being a stay at home mom, as was her mom. Linda worked nearly 20 years in direct sales and building a million dollar sales career,while raising her children. The Quinones family still gets together for family meals and quality weekends at their lake house, but as her children are now grown, Linda was ready for a new business adventure. As she contemplated her future, her daughter suggested SeekingSitters, the sitting referral service she had worked with as a sitter for over 4 years. Owning a franchise that allowed flexible hours and a great investment- it was a perfect fit! Linda is excited to help families in Montgomery County Maryland and the Washington DC area find safe and reliable sitters!

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